What to Do If Someone Tries to Pick Your Locks

    Do you suspect that someone has tried to pick your home’s locks at some point in the recent past? Your home could be under serious threat of burglary, which means you need to act quickly. Furthermore, if you are sure that the lock pick attempt failed, it is … Continued

6 Benefits of Rekeying Your Door Locks

Rekeying locks is a great way to ensure the security of your home. A door lock works by shooting pins that are held back by a spring, into the keyhole. Rekeying a lock is replacing the unique internal pins of a lock without having to replace the entire door lock. … Continued

Where Is the Best Place to Hide a Safe in Your Home?

After buying a safe, the next puzzle may be where to install it, especially if you live in a place prone to break-ins. According to research, burglars spend about eight minutes in your home. If they stay longer, they risk getting caught. Therefore, you need to install your safe in a place … Continued

What Is Lock Re-Pinning?

If you have a problematic lock that’s hard to open, you may opt for a replacement. You can also consider this step when you lose your keys or when an employee resigns and fails to hand over company keys. Fortunately, you can avoid high lock replacement costs and opt for … Continued

Should Your Business Have More Than One Safe?

Many business owners know that their small business should have a safe of some kind. But is this enough protection for your particular operational needs? Or might you need more than one safe on the premises? To help you make this important distinction, here are a few reasons to think … Continued

Why You Need to Invest in a Gun Safe

If you’re a licensed gun owner, you may need a reliable solution for storing your collection of firearms. While the hidden spaces in your home can seem like the perfect places to hide your guns, you can never rule out the possibility of your weapons falling into the wrong hands. … Continued

3 Home Types That Could Benefit From Better Key Control

The security of your home is of paramount importance both to protect yourself and your family and to protect your investment. For some homes, security is a simple matter of knowing how to properly lock your doors and windows. But for other homeowners, security is more complicated. These homeowners should … Continued

Home Office Security: Why It’s Important and How to Improve It

Is your home office safe and secure? Many Americans transitioned — often unexpectedly or without warning — from traditional offices to working from home. But the home office should be as secure as a regular shared office. Why is this important? And how can you boost security at your home … Continued
Close up of robber's hand closing door after robbery

Combat These Devious Ways Burglars Breach Your Door

Burglars don’t always enter a home through a window. In fact, most burglars enter your home the easy way — they walk right through your door. The front door is the entry point of choice over garage, back, or basement doors because it is the easiest to access. You may … Continued

5 Lessons You Should Teach Your Children About Home Security

Did you know that about 3,300 home burglaries occur every day in the US? This worrying statistic shows the need to employ top-notch security systems, such as surveillance cameras, alarms, control systems, and high-security locks, in your home.