Do you know the difference between ordinary locks and high security locks? It’s a difference that really matters when it comes to protecting your property. We recommend Medeco high security locks because they have three vital features which other locks lack:

Pick resistance

Common pin tumbler locks can easily be picked open. Medeco has a patented and UL-listed design which makes security compromise virtually impossible.

Physical strength

Drilling an ordinary lock open is an every day occurrence. Medeco locks have hardened steel inserts strategically placed within the lock to safeguard against physical attack.

Key control

Key control is perhaps the most important aspect of a security system. Ordinary keys can be duplicated at discount stores and hardware stores anywhere. Our DBK Medeco keys can only be duplicated by us, with your written authorization. This means YOU CONTROL who has your keys.

Is it ok with you if a key for you property is made without your knowledge? Did you know that a key stamped with “Do Not Duplicate” CAN still be duplicated? Take a second to think about everyone who has ever borrowed or handled your key. Unless you have a restricted type key anyone with access to your key can obtain make a duplicate. There is no law protecting duplication unless the key is restricted. A restricted key and or high security system allows for patent protected key control. Patented keys are only available to a locksmith under legal contract from the original manufacturer and duplicates only to predetermined authorized users of the system. This means the keys are not available at home centers, hardware stores or in most cases even from other locksmiths. Positive identification is required to obtain additional keys. In addition to true key restriction, high security lock systems are drill resistant and offer a high degree of pick and bump resistance. One of the best ways to make your locks bump resistant is to utilize restricted keyway locks. Visit our store to learn more about these impressive systems. Let DuPage Security Solutions, Inc. install and service your Restricted or High Security System. We proudly sell and install Medeco, Schlage Primus and Marks systems.