Commercial safes tend to have the need for extra security and fire protection to safeguard business secrets, trades, cash, and other valuables.

In most cases when shopping for commercial safe, you will want one with a Fire and Burglary rate minimally. There are other ratings for high levels of protection as well. Those are:

  • TL – Tool Resistant
  • TR – Torch Resistant
  • X6 – Indicates that there is protection on all six sides of the container
  • 15,30, or 60 – the amount of time the container can withstand an attack

So, a TL-30 safe is tool resistant for 30 minutes, on the door only. A TRTL-30×6 safe is torch resistant, tool resistant, for 30 minutes, on all six sides.

Ever wonder how the UL Laboratory tests a safe’s fire rating? Here is a great video showing the fire test. (try and stay cool while you watch)

UL performs a number of tests on safes, including burn and drop tests, to help ensure the safety of valuable possessions during a fire. See how UL lab technicians place a safe into a heat chamber, to simulate a burning building, then drop it from the ceiling.

Regardless of what type of safe you are looking for, the Professionals at Dupage Security Solutions can help you select the right one.