3 Home Types That Could Benefit From Better Key Control

The security of your home is of paramount importance both to protect yourself and your family and to protect your investment. For some homes, security is a simple matter of knowing how to properly lock your doors and windows. But for other homeowners, security is more complicated. These homeowners should … Continued

Home Office Security: Why It’s Important and How to Improve It

Is your home office safe and secure? Many Americans transitioned — often unexpectedly or without warning — from traditional offices to working from home. But the home office should be as secure as a regular shared office. Why is this important? And how can you boost security at your home … Continued
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Combat These Devious Ways Burglars Breach Your Door

Burglars don’t always enter a home through a window. In fact, most burglars enter your home the easy way — they walk right through your door. The front door is the entry point of choice over garage, back, or basement doors because it is the easiest to access. You may … Continued

5 Lessons You Should Teach Your Children About Home Security

Did you know that about 3,300 home burglaries occur every day in the US? This worrying statistic shows the need to employ top-notch security systems, such as surveillance cameras, alarms, control systems, and high-security locks, in your home.

4 Ways to Improve the Security of Your Business

Every business needs the right security for the risks it faces in the modern world. From preventing trespassers to avoiding data theft, physical security is at the heart of minimizing liability and loss. But are your locks and keys as secure as they could be? Can you improve physical lock … Continued

4 Safe Features Ideal for Basements

When you own a safe to protect valuables, you want to keep the safe in a secure place rather than just out in the open. A basement offers an ideal area to keep a safe protected and hidden from the rest of the home. When you shop for a new … Continued

Creative Ways a Burglar Could Try to Enter Your Home

While some burglars use the front-door approach to sneak into houses, this won’t work for them if you have good front door security. A solid front door with high-quality locking hardware will mean that burglars have to get more creative if they want to break into your house. While improved … Continued

4 Ways Key Cards Keep Your Building Safe

Security comes in many different forms. Physical keys, combination locks, and biometric identification are a few ways businesses keep their property and information secure. Electronic key cards are physical cards that connect with your building’s automated services. By mixing the benefits of physical and electronic security, key cards offer comprehensive … Continued
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4 Ways Patented Keys Provide Extra Security for Your Home

From family friends to exes, the locations of your spare keys and copied keys often become a problem to track. Not only could you lose spare keys, but anyone could make duplicates of standard keys without your knowledge. Add more protection to the locks on your home with the installation … Continued