When most business owners think of security, entrepreneurs tend to focus more on cybersecurity threats. But unfortunately, these individuals can overlook physical security threats, which are often equally damaging and can cause severe losses. One such physical security threat is tailgating. Learn more about tailgating and what to do.

What Is Tailgating?

Also known as piggybacking, tailgating is where an unauthorized individual enters a secured area by following an authorized person. For example, an unauthorized individual may stand behind an authorized person as they open the door and closely follow them before the door closes.

The unauthorized individuals may cause significant harm to your business. For instance, the criminals may vandalize property, steal from the premises, or harm those inside.

How Does Tailgating Occur?

The primary risk factor for tailgating is failure to close and lock doors properly, allowing easy access. For example, propping the door open or forgetting to lock it after opening it provide an opportunity for unauthorized persons.

In the same way, if an authorized person is not swift in closing the door after entering, that can create an opportunity for someone else to tailgate in. And if your premises doors have gaps or weak locks, that can also lead to tailgating.

In some cases, tailgating may happen due to pretentious behavior. For example, in businesses with open-door policies, a person may try to enter the premises by pretending to be a worker or supplier or taking advantage of a busy lobby.

What Are Steps to Keep Tailgaters Out?

Luckily, some tips or measures can help you lower the chances of tailgating in your business.


Issue Employee Badges

You can issue employee badges to all authorized personnel. This tip creates a sense of accountability, and you can easily identify everyone when they enter the premises. Similarly, you may issue visitor badges to all those visiting your business premises.

Badges give your security an easier time identifying and monitoring who enters the building. This way, you can easily spot anyone who enters without a badge and take the necessary measures.


Secure the Door Locks

If your door locks are weak or easy to tamper with, that can create room for tailgaters. The goal is to ensure your doors close swiftly and securely such that only authorized personnel can enter the premises.

You may opt to install security revolving doors that detect when an unauthorized individual follows someone. The door will stop the second person from entering, even if they are close behind the authorized person.


Train Your Workers

Employees’ behavior plays a huge role in your company’s overall security. You can train your workers to know who enters and exits the building. Additionally, train the workers on the importance of closing and locking doors swiftly as they enter.


Install Access Control Systems

Besides using badges and locks, you can install access control systems to monitor who enters and exits the building. The system may include biometric features such as fingerprint scanners or facial recognition technology.

The access control systems can track movements in any part of your premises, thus providing a higher level of security.


Have Card Key Systems

In the same way, you may install card key systems, which allow only authorized personnel to access specific areas. Such systems work by giving employees access cards with unique codes that they use to gain entry.

Tailgating is a serious security concern in businesses and may lead to serious consequences. Now that you understand the causes and tips to prevent the issue, you are better positioned to secure your premises. Work with a trustworthy security company to implement and maintain the best security system.

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