Optimize Security in a Previously Owned House

While burglaries are decreasing in the United States, they still happen on a daily basis. In fact, the FBI reports that home burglaries occur more frequently than every 30 seconds in America. Make sure that you and your family will be safe after moving into the used home that you’re … Continued

5 Tips for Installing Panic Hardware on Your Commercial Doors

Panic hardware is commonly used on exit doors in commercial buildings. If you haven’t implemented them in your commercial building yet, it’s time to learn more about them. These tips can help you when you purchase and install this essential hardware in your building.

Find the Right Safe for Your Needs

Having a safe at home may seem like something only the rich do. However, everyone can benefit from having some kind of safe at home. Residential safes range from very basic all the way up to quite complex. The one thing that they all have in common is that they … Continued

4 Business Benefits of a Card Access System

As a business owner, keeping your work complex and employees secure is of paramount concern. In today's world, control over who enters your facility and the ability to track their movement is important. A card access system will help you accomplish your goals. Here are four benefits of implementing this system at your company.