As a business owner, keeping your work complex and employees secure is of paramount concern. In today’s world, control over who enters your facility and the ability to track their movement is important. A card access system will help you accomplish your goals. Here are four benefits of implementing this system at your company.

1. A Card Access System Provides Freedom

Without a card access system, you or a trusted employee need to physically lock and unlock the doors to your facility every day. Many business owners are reluctant to put too many keys out there, as more keys mean more potential for unauthorized access. Some employers don’t feel they have an employee they can trust to secure the building each day.

With a card access system, you can program your doors to lock and unlock at the times you specify. This means if you are stuck in traffic or have an emergency, your business can still open on time and allow your employees to gain entry.

2. A Card Access System Controls Traffic

In most business organizations, very few employees need unlimited access to every area of the facility. For example, your warehouse personnel are unlikely to need physical access to the area that houses your customer service support personnel or your private bathroom.

Very few employees will need access to every area of your company. By controlling the zones your employees are able to access, you have additional control over your business that traditional doors don’t allow.

3. A Card Access System Provides Security

Traditional doors won’t keep out people who don’t belong there. A card access system will add that security you already see in other aspects of your business. For example, your information technology employees keep your computers running, your servers secure, and your customer and employee data encrypted and safe from a cyber-attack. A card access system will also provide physical security from intruders or employees who have no business being in this area.

A card access system will also add an additional element of protection to your employees from disgruntled employees. In this day and age of aggression, securing your facility is an unfortunate reality business owners need to consider.

For example, if you determine you need to fire an employee, you can deactivate their card access system permissions before you even let them know they are terminated. You won’t need to go to the expense of changing locks and handing out new keys or providing every employee a new PIN, as you would with a keyless entry system.

Another way a card access system provides additional security is the ability to put the entire system on lockdown. In the unlikely event an active shooter or another threat is on the premises, you can quickly program your card access system software to immediately deactivate all doors. This ability will keep the intruder contained and your employees safe.

4. A Card Access System Lets You Track Employees

With a card access system, the software will always let you know where an employee currently is and where they have been at what time throughout the day. If you need to know where one of your key employees are, the system will tell you.

If you suspect an employee is wasting too much time in the break room, the system will tell you. If you want to make sure all employees are safely out of the building during a fire alarm, the system will tell you.

Additionally, a card access system has other advantages, such as no one can copy a card like they can a key, and because the doors do not have manual locks, no one can pick the lock. If you are ready to take the next step, contact us today to discuss how a card access system can benefit your business.