Having a safe at home may seem like something only the rich do. However, everyone can benefit from having some kind of safe at home. Residential safes range from very basic all the way up to quite complex. The one thing that they all have in common is that they keep whatever is inside them safe. If you need a safe, know about the various kinds of safes that you could choose to use in your home.

Diversion Safes

These safes are probably the most basic kind of safe you can find. They look like an ordinary object, such as a book or a box of food in your freezer. You put your valuables in them and then place the safe somewhere in your house. The idea is to disguise the safe so no one who looks over your house briefly would know what it is. These safes are not generally very big, so you can only use them for small things.

Fire Safes

This is something that everyone should have in their home. Fire-resistant safes can withstand the heat of the fire. The most basic safes resist fire for 30 minutes. Fire safes can be small lockboxes that you can get at a department store, but you can also build one into the floor for the most resistance. Fire-resistant safes are not always water-resistant, so you will want to put everything in waterproof packaging.

Gun Safes

If you own guns, you should securely lock them up while not in use. A gun safe is the best way to do that. Gun safes can be standalone lockers with a basic lock on them. You could also choose to go with something that you build into your house. That keeps your guns doubly safe, since no one can just grab the safe and take your guns. You can also disguise that safe behind something like a fake bookcase.

Floor Safe

When installing a floor safe, it goes into the lowest level of your house and then is surrounded by concrete. That will keep it secure. Floor safes also have some panel covering so that the floor looks uninterrupted. One benefit of having a floor safe is that you can put a rug or piece of furniture over the safe access and no one will know that you have it.

Wall Safe

A wall safe is in the wall of your house. The wall will generally have to be reasonably thick in order to completely hide the safe, depending on how thick the safe is. One option would be to build a false wall to hide your safe in. These safes generally have a cover to disguise the fact they are there, such as a painting.

Jewelry Safe

While you can put jewelry into any kind of safe, you might want to have a safe specifically for your jewelry. These safes are relatively small, which means you can place them just about anywhere you want. They have various drawers and slots that specifically fit different kinds of jewelry.

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