Did you know that about 3,300 home burglaries occur every day in the US? This worrying statistic shows the need to employ top-notch security systems, such as surveillance cameras, alarms, control systems, and high-security locks, in your home.

However, these systems can only work if everyone in the house, including the kids, adopts the right measures to enhance security. Therefore, your children should take part in keeping their home safe. The following are five home security lessons to teach them.

1. Lock Doors and Windows

Your kids should understand the importance of locking all windows and doors when they leave the house. This is because intruders can break into your home through open doors and windows.

Children are sometimes forgetful, but you should assign them the responsibility to lock doors and windows every time the family leaves. Once they get used to the routine, they will remember to close the windows and doors when they want to play with their friends outside.

2. Always Keep Keys Safe

If you have an older child who takes care of their siblings after school, they probably have their house keys. Therefore, you should teach them how to keep their keys safe.

For example, you could ask them to attach the keys to their backpack keyholder, mostly found in the front pouch. They should not remove the keys until they get home.

Ensure you get high-security locks whose keys can only be duplicated by the company that made them or by well-equipped locksmiths. Establish that any key duplication should only be done with your written authorization. This way, your home won’t be at risk if someone attempts to duplicate your child’s key.

3. Don’t Open the Door for a Stranger

Your kids should never open the door for a stranger. You should train them to lock themselves inside the house when you are not around. You can also use advanced systems to synchronize your front door and doorbell cameras with your family’s phones so you or your kids can see who may be at your doorstep.

4. Operate the Alarm Correctly

When your kids get a bit older, you need to show them how to activate or deactivate the home alarm system. This lesson can be quite helpful during an emergency. Most parents are hesitant to teach their children this security measure because the siren can scare them. However, you can use friendly tactics to teach them.

First, show them how to contact the security company in the case of a burglary or a fire. They should know how to use the system to alert the security firm. These skills can also be helpful if they experience a health emergency or injury.

You should also teach them how to deactivate the system in the case of a false alarm. Help them punch in the code needed to disarm the alarm. You should create false alarms during the training and let them key in the code. They should not write the code down anywhere.

Any child who can stay at home on their own should know their way around the home security system.

5. Limit What Gets Shared on the Internet

Children, especially teenagers, often spend a lot of their time on the internet. Therefore, you should warn them about sharing sensitive information on the internet. This includes their home address, personal information, passwords, current location, vacation plans, or that they are home alone.

The internet can be educational and useful, but people with bad intentions can easily find and take advantage of such information.

You need to teach your children the tips to follow to enhance home security. Our company offers reliable security hardware and quality locksmith services to assist you. Contact us today to find out how we can help you protect your home.