After buying a safe, the next puzzle may be where to install it, especially if you live in a place prone to break-ins.

According to research, burglars spend about eight minutes in your home. If they stay longer, they risk getting caught. Therefore, you need to install your safe in a place where they least expect it. Nevertheless, you should access this place easily.

This article highlights four places to hide your safe in your home.


Your floor can be an ideal place to hide your safe, especially if the safe is big. To construct a floor safe, make a deep hole in your floor and ensure the safe fits perfectly. After installing the safe, you need to cover it with a floor mat or carpeting. You can also place a piece of furniture like a bookshelf on top of it.

The major advantage of a floor safe is that it is difficult to cut out. Also, accessing this safe is easy.

Unfortunately, if your home has a post-tension slab foundation, you cannot construct a floor safe since you’ll risk the structural integrity of your house. Additionally, if your house is prone to flooding, you might not be able to use this safe.


When burglars break into your home, your attic could be the last place that comes to their mind for various reasons. First, burglars aim to collect many valuables in the shortest time possible before they get caught. For this reason, they are likely to start searching for valuables in other rooms like the master bedroom (they expect you to hide most of your valuables in this room).

Additionally, your attic is among the most neglected places. This space is usually cluttered since most people use it to store goods used less often, like holiday decorations. Therefore, even if the burglars know that your safe is in the attic, they may not look for it since they may take time to find it and risk getting caught.

Furthermore, you may make your attic inaccessible by not leaving a ladder nearby. Also, don’t keep your safe near the entrance of your attic. However, if you store your safe near the entrance for accessibility, consider camouflaging it with other boxes and covering it with funny stickers to confuse the thieves.

Under the Sink

The space under your sink can be a great place to hide your safe. However, consider the kitchen or laundry area sinks. Installing your safe under a sink in your master bedroom puts your valuables at risk since thieves are likely to search this room thoroughly, and they may spot the safe.

When installing your safe under your sink, you likely need to screw it in the corner of the bottom cabinet. After screwing the safe, place a few bottles in front of it to ensure nobody sees it. Unfortunately, if your safe is big, you cannot hide it under your sink due to the limited space. Also, you risk damaging your valuables if the pipes leak without your knowledge.

In the Wall

If you want to install your safe in an accessible but easy-to-hide place, consider your wall. Also, if your safe is not too deep, the wall is the best place to install it.

However, this process is not easy, and you may need professional assistance. A professional will help you determine the thickness and strength of your wall since your wall needs to be thick enough to hold your safe.

Additionally, the professional will help you determine the appropriate hole size. Your safe needs to fit in the hole perfectly. If you construct a small hole, the cement may exert excessive pressure on your safe, making it difficult to open. On the other hand, if the hole is too big, you may find it difficult to cover the visible wall edges.

Finding a safe place to hide your safe can be an overwhelming task. If you need more information on places to hide your safe, contact us at DuPage Security Solutions Inc. today.