Security comes in many different forms. Physical keys, combination locks, and biometric identification are a few ways businesses keep their property and information secure. Electronic key cards are physical cards that connect with your building’s automated services.

By mixing the benefits of physical and electronic security, key cards offer comprehensive security for your business. Here are four ways that key cards can keep your business secure.

1. You Don’t Have to Change Your Locks

Metal keys can keep a building secure until they fall into the wrong hands. It’s easy to lose your keys, but this can put your building at risk. Every key kept by a former employee or given to a cleaning crew is another liability.

The only way to fix this problem is to change the locks often. If you have a big building with lots of doors, this is an expensive and time-consuming project.

Key cards work around this issue by having special locks that can reprogram themselves to accept different cards. If somebody loses their card, you can simply void the card, and the lock will not open for the stolen key. Much like a stolen credit card, keys can be activated and deactivated remotely and instantaneously.

2. You Can Monitor From Afar

Key cards may be physical, but they have a network interface. Locks record when a card is used and what door it is used on. You can access that information from anywhere to monitor the safety of your building. If there is a security breach, you will know about it.

Key locks are anonymous. If a theft occurs, you have no way to tell when it happened. However, with a key card, you know exactly when the thief entered the building and whose card they used. This information can help you catch the criminal.

3. You Can Give Your Employees Clearance Levels

Key card locks are infinitely programmable. You can lock off certain rooms without having to give employees extra keys or have them remember extra codes. One key card can open some locks and not others, allowing you to give different access privileges to your employees.

For example, you may want to limit access to a manager’s office. Instead of issuing the manager an extra key, you can just program the office lock to accept the manager’s card and nobody else’s.

4. You Can Fully Automate Your Building

A key card offers more than just security. A card can open doors as well as turn on the air conditioner and the office lights. You can take full advantage of modern technology and integrate all your office systems to work together.

You can also increase security in other ways. Lots of employees may prop open doors to avoid having to scan their card. You can program sensors to keep track of how long a door stays open. This way, if an employee leaves and forgets to shut the door, the key card network will alert you so you can mitigate the security risk before it is too late.

Electronic key cards can keep your building secure while saving you a lot of effort. These cards will track employee activity to find and alert you of security risks. Instead of changing locks to increase security, you merely need to reprogram key card locks to deny entry to certain cards. These cards are both versatile and secure, making them a good method of keeping your building safe.

At DuPage Security Solutions Inc., we know how important security is to you and your business. We offer a variety of services from key duplication to door replacement. Visit our showroom to see the highest-quality hardware and locking devices. Whatever your needs are, we can give you peace of mind that your building is secure.