Over the years, you may accumulated VHS tapes, film reels, DVDs, and hard drives full of home movies, pictures, and digital media. Along with digital store solutions, in-person solutions will help you obtain a backup of the media in case technology fails.

Store a physical backup of home media in a safe so none of the data becomes destroyed through a flood, fire, or robbery. As you shop for safes, consider specific safe features catered directly to the storage of your home media.

1. Fire Protection

A fire could destroy years of home media in a matter of seconds. Printed pictures would burn up, and extreme heat could corrupt data found on hard drives, USB drives, and other media. Seek out a safe with fire protection features.

Many safes will have a time limit on the fire protection. For example, some safes could protect documents from flames and heat for up to an hour with some of the higher-grade safes lasting up to two hours in extreme heat. For massive fires, the flames would usually subside in less than an hour. Either the room will burn out or the fire department will arrive.

The extra layers of fire protection will offer security and peace of mind when you store valuable media. For example, you cannot replace instant pictures like Polaroids, and saving the images in a safe will ensure their protection.

2. Water Protection

Many safes with flame and heat protection also include water protection. When firefighters put out flames, a room may have become flooded with inches of water. A safe will include water protection and proper seals. For prints, water could instantly ruin an image.

Hard drives could become unusable, and extended water exposure could also do damage to DVD and Blu-Ray disc data. Along with water protection from putting out fires, the protection also helps with any floods in the home. A burst water pipe or natural disaster like a hurricane could lead to major water problems.

The layers in the safe keep the water out. Once your home becomes safe to enter, you may retrieve the safe. The weight of a safe will also help prevent your valuables from just floating away during a massive flood.

3. Humidity Protection

Along with water, you want to protect your personal media from humidity. Humidity causes pictures to warp and exposes media to moisture which could cause potential problems. The best way to store data is to keep it in a dry and dark location. No matter how hot or humid your home gets, the conditions inside a safe remain the same with the extra safeguards.

The humidity range inside the safe provides ideal conditions without being too hot or too cold. Data will last for years and not suffer any damage to the varied conditions. When you run heaters or air conditioners in a room with a safe, you do not have to worry about the formation of dew or moisture seeping onto the various forms of media.

4. Theft Protection

The last thing you want to worry about is someone stealing all of your home media. In most cases, a person will not want your personal pictures and home movies, but they may assume something more valuable in the form of money is locked inside the safes.

Heavy-duty safes come with protective measures to prevent theft. Not only will you choose the type of lock you want on the safe, but each one has safeguards to prevent tampering. The safe will present extreme challenges to break into, and your items will remain protected inside the safe when needed.

For more information on the available safes for sale, contact us at DuPage Security Solutions Inc. We will help you select an ideal safe to protect your home media for years to come.